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Are We There Yet?

Are we done?  Is it over?

You guys have no idea what the hell happened sooo…..

Of course I’ve been working like a madman, but managed to order Christmas cards, order Massimo’s Christmas gifts, niece and nephews Christmas gifts and order my assigned dish for Christmas Eve at my bro’s (chicken franchaise, thank you Pasta Vera!!) …AND make cookies with Melissa to hand out to teachers, karate instructors and even my neighbor Renee got a mixed bucket o’cookies…

But as the week started last Monday and went on to Tues, Wed…I was wondering where my Christmas were, and the gifts for Massimo I ordered off Amazon should have been funneling in, after all I did kick in the extra $20 per order to get in time for Christmas….

So I check w/my tracking numbers for UPS, Fedex USPS…all confirming that they left them at my door… AND I know our UPS guy, so there’s no reason he would get confused because I hung a wreath that covers the unit # on our door, so I did tape a printout on the door “UNIT #401”….so what’s the prob?..maybe they have temp help for Christmas b/c of the increase in deliveries…so I check w/the neighbors – nothing…

Well, ladies, as it turns out – they were all stolen!!  Yes, vagrants entering the complex perusing the residences for unattended boxes, fat envelopes, and I guess even unattended buckets of COOKIES!!!

Renee never got her cookies….I felt so violated, so wronged….i can only hope that all the gifts I purchased for my 5 year old boy get to a 5 year old boy somewhere….Otherwise, a curse on the thieves!!…

So no Christmas cards yet – I am still on the fence if I will send out this week…I haven’t missed one Christmas since I was 18 years old…so I might just turn that out just because….

So on Saturday……

I was up at our local flower vendor in Wilton at 8am buying stuff for some last minute clients

Then down to Toys R Us to buy whatever I could find that was left for Massimo…not a crazy crowd that early, but there was close to NOTHING left of interest…

Then over to REI to get him some stuff, some of whatever….

Then to work (its coming on 10:30 now) to make about 8 arrangements and get them delivered by noon (between 2 houses, so only 2 stops – one house had 5 arrangements, one house had 3..) AND make a centerpiece for my bro’s b/c he hosting xmas even dinner – and make one for his family room, formal living room, kitchen table and kitchen island, why do I offer to do this???? 

Then to Pasta Vera to pick up my tray of chicken franchaise ($150 bucks, enough for 30+ people, and as far as I am concerned, a bargain – I can’t imagine frying up 30-35 cutlets, and when you price it out, it’s only about a $25-30 difference to have it made, and remember ladies–time is money!! Right?!)  – I promptly dropped that off at my bro’s…..

Then to a 1pm appt to get my hair blown out (a brief respite, but still I’m on a tiiiiiiiight schedule!!) – looks awesome!, so shiny, healthy… Ok – moving on…

Then I head over to  – – gasp!! – – –  the mall!!!!!  And that’s when I started to lose my shit…but I took a moment and carried on…after all I had awesome hair…and just when I wanted to cry, I would catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window, or a random mirror or some other reflective surface and see my perfectly blown hair and it somehow calmed me down for a bit….

So yes – I was at the mall from about 2pm-4pm, REPURCHASING all the gifts for my nieces and nephews I had ordered off Amazon, so painful I cannot even tell you…

Then to Grade A – because I was asked last minute (why did I check my voicemail??!!) to make a salad (2 containers of baby spinach, 3 of crumbled goat cheese, sliced almonds, cranberries, vinaigrette. DONE!)

Then home to WRAP EVERYTHING and change (forget showering, because my hair looked awesome!!)…and look presentable (after all, my sister-in-law’s parents are up from Florida this year and they consider themselves quite the fancy people – even though they aren’t – but still…) – pack pj’s for Massimo his Dad will be dropping him off at my bro’s at 5:30ish, pack up all needed to execute salad…

Then back to the shop to pick up arrangements for my bro’s….and sit on the phone with Massimo’s Dad because he’s in the driveway of my brother’s house, telling me that Massimo is asleep and it doesn’t look like anyone is there yet, and he doesn’t want to wake up Massimo and he thinks no one is there and did I get the time wrong, and maybe I should call my bro’s and ask someone to come outside and oh – wait I see your cousin pulling in, ok – so where are you? Why aren’t you here yet?…and what happened with the gifts?  Did you file complaints with the couriers? The vendors? …when will you be here?…..

I get the flowers and s l o w l y drive over to my bro’s so I spill any flowers or crush them or anything….

Then I walk in the door, Massimo comes running up, gives me a huge hug and kiss and says that mommy looks so pretty….

(and my bro hands me a glass of wine)….



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