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Breast to Bottle to Baby Food, Now What?

Boddler® Bites, Food in a Flash, Flash Cards solves this common problem of what to feed children, that is both quick and nutritious. Parents are given simple meal and snack ideas, while on the flip-side, Boddlers (older babies + younger toddlers) can learn their ABC’s and identify wholesome foods they will be eager to eat. Bring these flash cards to your supermarket to create a fun and educational shopping experience. Boddler Bites helps your child develop a life-long love for nutritious and natural foods.

There’s no better gift for parents or children!

PLEASE consult your pediatrician before feeding ANY of these foods to your child, as there are potential allergens in many foods.


“I absolutely love the book.  I had a great experience with Alyssa with boddler bites. She was eating hummus (one of the only few healthy foods she eats) but she likes it with chips so I turned to the “H” page and there is a picture of hummus with carrots on the side I go to the refrigerator to get carrots to show her and she says, ‘Mommy feed me carrots,’ I almost fell on the floor! She now only wants carrots with her hummus. She also eats blueberries now. Hey, I got her to eat 2 new healthy foods in one week. I think that is amazing! I love the book!!”

Dominique Srdanovic, daughter Alyssa 3 years old

“It is even handy in the car to leave between my 5 and 8 yr old’s car booster seats so the 8 yr old can read the 5 year old the different items and she can look at the pictures that correspond, it practices his reading and improves his vocab learning new words (like jicama) while she is also learning new vocab and doing some leatter recognition with the picture to help. It gets kids more involved on what they’ll have for snack or dinner, so they are more likely to eat the healthy food they helped choose. Keeps child less bored going through the grocery store since they have somehting in their hand the flip through and helplook for and  find the same items in real life so they are actively trying to accomplish something instead of whining and being bored and annoying. And by looking at the pages while kids are flipping through it gives me ideas on what to buy and to try to get out of the bad habbit of always buying the same things that by now the whole family is tired of. I really think it’s a nice tool to have on hand in the car and since it’s so small can transfer easily to grocery cart and back.” 

-Alicia (4ModernMom), son Luke 8 years old & daughter Valentina 5 years old



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