Fun Morning….

Let me begin by saying I do not start my day with coffee, never have and never will.  So maybe there are some days where my head is a little foggy, but I manage.  Do you ever feel like you’re life is on cruise control?  Where you do the same things all the time, over and over, so much so that you’re not even thinking about it.  This is a great talent for us mom’s to have as we are very skilled at multi-tasking and can’t be held up with mental clutter.   Well, there are some days when all runs like clock work and other days that you don’t know how you managed to get through.  I recently started working part-time which is 3 days a week so now our routines have changed a bit.  Some days are just non-stop.  Get up, get breakfast, prep dinner for later, feed cats, pack lunches and homework folder, head out to school drop off, go to work, come home, make dinner, feed cats, feed family, bath, bed.  It various some days, there may be an errand squeezed in or a meeting for volunteer work etc, on those days things can sometimes get confusing…..This is just one of those days….
It’s a day that begins with me trying to motivate Jason to drag himself out of bed and down to breakfast.  As I’m getting his breakfast I’m watching the clock.  I begin to make/pack his lunch at the same time breaking away to once again, call him for breakfast.  Back to the lunch….then while packing snacks for my day I look over to find an empty dining room table.  At this point I’m getting really pissed and once again, hustle to the stairs to yell ‘if you don’t get down here right now – you’re going to school in your pajamas’!!!  At which point I hear “allriiiiiiiiight”!!!  (Now I’m thinking…”oh I’m sorry, was I bothering YOU?”).  ARGGGHHH!!!!  So now he’s eating….I’ve finished the lunchbox and now am packing the backpack.  Homework folder, check!  Lunchbox, check!  Zip, zip….done!  Jason is now talking to the cat, playing with a toy that was left on the table…blah, blah, blah.  He finishes and I help him get dressed, send him to brush teeth while run off to feed my cats.  I’m practically tripping over them, since their internal tummy clock has had them pacing the kitchen this entire time to get my attention.  I have four cats – two of which have ‘issues’.  LOL  One is diabetic and I have to give him an insulin shot everyday, the other is a very, very old gal (18 years) who has only three legs (due to an injury 2 years ago that didn’t heal – hence amputation), she also has hyper-thyroid and needs a pill everyday.  So, while Jason is polishing up his pearly whites I draw insulin in the syringe and take out the thyroid pill.  Next my daughter Kristen walks in and starts getting her stuff together for her day.  She and I are crossing each other’s paths back and forth, trying not to trip over a cat, in and out of the refrigerator etc.  I put down the pill and syringe and get Jason’s jacket for him so he’ll be ready and waiting.  I go back to the kitchen and see Kristen packing her lunch. I go to grab my cats’ meds and panic because, wait…wait…somethings wrong….the thyroid pill is missing.  HOLY CRAP!!  So I quickly ask Kristen if she saw the little white pill and she said “no that white pill was my birth control pill that was on the counter…..”  AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!  OH MY GOD!!!  I almost peed myself!!  I could barely get the words out…OMG – “please tell me you didn’t just swallow the cats’ thyroid pill”?  Of course her eyes almost bug out of her head!!!!  We quickly realized that my cat pill had fallen on the floor. I picked it up we compared the two, and boy oh boy, they were almost identical.  LMAO!!!  Can you even imagine, my daughter taking a thyroid pill and my antique kitty taking birth control!!!  I think I’d have a bit of trouble explaining that to both the primary care doctor and our vet. 
Going forward, this gal is no longer flying on cruise control….


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2 responses to “Fun Morning….

  1. LMAO!!! Great to hear your stories again Judy…they are never boring that is for sure! I suppose we have to be thankful that no one sat on the insulin needle! OUCH;-) Those crazy mornings can sometimes last the whole day, hope you are still not spinning in circles!

  2. Alicia vannini

    Judy, that was a good one, gf. he morning time is always so crazy trying to get everyone fed & where they need to be. I prefer the evening, which although can be equally hectic with dinner & homework & showers, I get to have a glass of wine which makes everything go just a little bit better 😉 Alicia

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