Is it Over Yet?

I feel like this summer I have been twisting in the wind, haven’t had any kind of weekly schedule, plans keep getting trashed and recycled and I am soooo overdue to get my hair colored

Don’t get me wrong, it started off great, right through the 4th of July, I just started to lose steam around the last week of July…

Event though September marks the end of summer, it signifies the beginning of something I love, SCHEDULES!!  Fixed weekly karate classes, playdates and soccer practice….all in a specific time slot that allows me to organize my life.

I have already gotten school clothes, new lunchbox, backpack, labels for everything and marked all the school vacations through June 2012….ahh, I feel better already…If the schoolyear is the pinnacle of an organized life, then these last few weeks of summer are the equivalent of anarchy.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at dropoff!!

(PS – great website for labels )


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  1. avannini

    I hear ya sista!

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