So where do I even begin? I have been missing in action after a busy few weeks and I apologize as I know everyone has been anxiously awaiting my next post-LOL. I cannot speak for my other fellow “Modern Mom” bloggers (ahem, cough, cough) but I have been a bit crazed to say the least…

A few weeks ago I went on a trip to Newport Beach, California with the family to see my two sisters and do some Disneyland and Lego Land action. Overall the trip was a success. The plane ride out there was not nearly as bad as I had envisioned but as always when the kids are in tow there is bound to be some type of unwanted excitement. We arrived in California a day earlier than our booked timeshare week because the flights were cheaper, used some Marriott points and stayed in a hotel for free. Who wouldn’t want an extra day in Cali, right? Okay, so call me what you will, but I honestly do not know how people stay in a single hotel room with children for a week and call it a vacation. You know what I call it? HELL! I could not get my behind out of that room fast enough once the sun came up. 

Things took a turn for the better once we arrived at our final destination in Newport Beach, and it was amazing. All was right with the world one again. My daughter’s first Disney experience was completely adorable and my son of course loved every minute. Although what literally sent him over the edge was when we agreed to let him get the “Talking Woody” from Toy Story. I thought I was going to have to find an inhaler for the poor kid. After such a busy day at Disney we decided to chill at the resort the next day. We had great weather, and the kids were good too so we decided not to press our luck and go out to eat. Instead we grilled burgers and dogs at the resort while the kids played in the sandbox which was right next to our villa, very convenient. As my husband grilled, I took a sip of an ice cold beer and took it all in with a smile on face while I watched my kids laughing it up. No sooner did I swallow my first sip when the laughter turned into shrieks as my daughter took a spill face-first into the concrete sidewalk. As my husband scooped her up all I could see was a mouthful of blood. “We have a bleeder!” Not knowing if she was missing a tooth or half of her lip I began shoving napkins into her mouth so I could see something, anything. Meanwhile, about ten people were gathered around watching us while my son is standing there screaming, “Is she bleeding? Mommy, is there blood? Are her teeth gone? Is there a lot of blood? Can I see it? I want to see it”. I was sooooo close to yelling at him to shut it up but I was already embarrassed at what a spectacle we had become. Ten napkins later we finally controlled the bleeding only to discover a cut on the inside of her lip about 1 centimeter long. Are you kidding me? Not that I would ever want either of my children to be injured in any way, shape or form, but after all of that drama and only 1 centimeter? Seriously? The next day we decided to do a day at the beach but since my son slept in until 10AM we got a later start. Not quite sure if Logan was just tired or not feeling well we headed over to Balboa Island anyway. No sooner did my husband put the car in park, we heard a whimpered, “My tummy hurts” from the back seat. When I glanced back at Logan everything turned Matrix-like. I pushed my husband to get out of the car to grab Logan while I bent backward to reach for him, at which point Logan began to vomit all over himself and the rental car. Once he was outside of the car it was like nothing ever happened. As my husband was cleaning up the car and I was wiping off my son, Logan glanced over my shoulder and said,”I’m hungry, can I have a piece of pizza?” Needless to say a slice of pie, an ice cream cone, lollipop and two Swedish fish later he was running around on the beach without a care in the world. Ahhh, to be a kid again. Anyhoo, the rest of our visit was amazing and the time that we all got to spend with my family was priceless. Our final Newport night ended perfectly with wine and s’mores by the fire. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

On our way to the airport there was no traffic, the rental car return was flawless and we were at our gate in enough time to sit down and eat some lunch before boarding-SWEET!

Speaking of boarding, when the airline begins to call rows they usually announce that anyone who needs assistance and families with children board first, right? Then why does everyone and their mother get up, rush to the front of the gate and stand there staring at their tickets waiting to board? Really? I mean seriously! Attention All Douche Bags: The plane will not leave without you, I promise. Please allow the people whose rows WERE ACTUALLY CALLED to board when asked to. Thank you for you time.

Okay, I digress. Once in flight it was the usual. My daughter wants to get down and put everything and anything in her mouth while my son asks to go to the bathroom once everyone is settled. Although since my husband Don is a sticker for the rules, it was torture for him to allow my 5 year old to disobey the “seat belt” sign and get up to go to the bathroom…unbelievable. Yet he did not have a problem arguing with the flight attendant over a computer glitch with our credit card. His excuse,”She sucked!” Understood, but I almost lost it when 2 hours into the flight my daughter spiked a fever so high I was sweating holding her. I quickly asked Don to grab the Ibuprofen from the bin overhead and he responded  by saying, “The ‘seat belt’ sign is on.” WTF, are you kidding me? Live a little Don, I don’t think the 120 pound flight attendant is going to wrestle you to the ground to prevent you from getting medicine for your daughter who just might have a fever induced seizure on the plane. Okay, a bit dramatic I know, but honestly, I wanted to rip his testicles off right then and there. After the medicine kicked in, McKenna fell asleep and we made it home to good ‘ole CT with not an ounce of energy to spare.

California was an amazing trip and we are all excited to visit again sooner rather than later, but our trip gave us more than we bargained for…

The next day I took McKenna to the doctor only to discover that my poor baby had an ear infection which did not get 

better until three medications later. During this time we uncovered her penicillin allergy that was evident from the hideous rash that covered her body for two days. The kicker came when I found two huge lumps behind each ear accompanied by a sore throat. Ta-da, introducing…Mononucleosis! Yeah, Mono, the “kissing disease”, un-freakin-beleivable! I swear that’s the last time she will be locking lips with the Disney crew. That damn Minnie!


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