Get Outta Town!

As Easter and Passover rapidly approaches, I bet lots of you ladies have made your plans to get outta dodge…..

I made reservations at a swanky resort in Turks and Caicos, lined up the nanny, made my spa appointments, got my spray tan to boost my self-love factor and even upgraded to business class!  Then the phone rang and I just closed down the whole fantasy …bye bye expedia, maybe one day we’ll close a deal – but not today.  Oh what a fantasy it was, but reality?  Reality is visiting your relatives, in-laws whether you like them or secretly hate them –  not that I do, but you might – but then again, I don’t have in-laws….anymore (muu-wah-ha-ha-ha!).  Or maybe you’re going to a super family friendly locale that tries to appeal to parents too, but really just mocks your inability to time-manage on vacation.

*If you do go to visit friends, make sure they are the ones who have kids.  Those pre-child homes are just not a good time, the mental note taking/observations of what you do and how you do it is too much pressure for a vacation.  Potentially worse are the child-free couples you know.  That environment does two things: it makes you feel like you have totally lost sight of yourself which makes you sad.  Then makes you feel like your kids are maniacal little crazy people who have no idea how to behave in a home( full of breakable things), you start to understand those people who have their kids in harnesses…wait no – that’s just crazy!!…but hmm…. Trust me, it never ends well….

For those of you first timers that still feel like a vacation is about letting go of time, unplugging from the day-to-day, decompressing and recharging, reconnecting with the ones you love in an environment specifically designed to nurture relationships and inspire feelings of togetherness….yeah – scrap that one…it’s all about the kids – so get your head in the game and get ready to rumble…

You will be in the pool for hours you will be digging in the sand for hours and you will be in the water park or petting zoo or outdoor museum or whatever, for hours…you better wear sunblock, that is one lesson you don’t want to learn for real…Check out Melissa’s blog about fitness.  It is so important to be able to keep up with your kids.  And if you are fit and strong, you will be sure to enjoy yourself too…

But planning a family vacation is a well-honed skill.  It’s like sex, the first time is ok, but as the years go by and you discover the tricks that really work for you, your experience gets so much better.  Ahhh, that first time, overpacked, overplanned and overworked – you know you came back feeling like crap.

But then you learn how to do it right.  Whether it’s the airfare, hotel rate, excursion tickets, transportation to/from….you become a mad scientist.  Mixing points with coupons, working deals direct with the vendor – it’s alive! ALIVE!!!!!  I’ve managed a few tricks of my own, but the latest and greatest has totally eliminated my need to bring extra paperwork….just have your boarding pass sent direct to your phone….it’s heaven.  And almost all the major airlines are in on it….come on – everybody’s doing it….

You just pull up the email containing your boarding pass, hold it over the scanner and move on.  Yes, if you have multiple boarding passes, you will have open up each email to reveal each pass and scan each one…but if you’re traveling with kids you’re called up first to board anyway, so the whole process takes about 30-60 seconds, big whoop….you will never have to deal with a chocolate smothered, orange juice soiled paper boarding pass again!

I gots mine, you gets yours….


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